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The Government Of India ( Goi ) Proposed Ban On Tobacco...

1. The Government of India (GOI) proposed ban on tobacco advertising was not unusual keeping in view the international precedents. Countries like France, Finland, and Norway had already imposed similar bans. An example is Belgium whose Supreme Court (of Appeal in 1981, gave its ruling that a ban on tobacco advertising was not unconstitutional. In a case which started in 1991 and ended in 1997, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, marketer of Camel cigarettes, was forced to withdraw its mascot, Joe Carmel, an animated camel, from all its advertisements, after the California Supreme Court (USA) ruled that the company could be prosecuted for exploiting minors. The accusation was that the slick, colourful advertisements (using an animated camel) appealed to the children and encouraged them to smoke. The impact of cigarette advertising on consumers was another contentious issue. A World Bank report published the details of a comprehensive study of over 100 countries, comparing the consumption trends over time in those countries where relatively complete bans on advertising and promotion were and where were no such bans. In the countries with nearly complete bans, the downward trend in consumption was much steeper. In 1992, the Department of Health (DOH), UK reviewed various forms of evidence to assess whether tobacco advertising affected the aggregate demand for tobacco products. Four countries (Norway, Finland, Canada and New Zealand) were chosen, as these countries had already imposedShow MoreRelatedThe Government Of India ( Goi ) Proposed Ban On Tobacco Advertising946 Words   |  4 PagesThe Government of India (GOI) proposed ban on tobacco advertising was not unusual keeping in view the international precedents. Countries like France, Finland, and Norway had already imposed similar bans. An example is Belgium whose Supreme Court (of Appeal in 1981, gave its ruling that a ban on tobacco advertising was not unconstitutional. In a case which started in 1991 and ended in 1997, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, marketer of Camel cigarettes, was forced to withdraw its mascot, Joe Carmel, anRead MoreBan Banning Tobacco Companies From Advertising Their Products And Sponsoring Sports And Cultural Events867 Words   |  4 Pageswith the ban on tobacco, but this apparently didn’t work out, so , now they are trying to make face to this problem by increasing taxes. On Feb 6, 2001 Government of India (GOI) dropped a bombshell on the tobacco Industry when it announced that it would shortly table a bill banning Tobacco Companies from advertising their products and sponsoring sports and cultural events. The objective of such a ban was to discourage adolescents from consuming tobacco products and also arm the Government with powers

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I Am Working With A Family - 1487 Words

Question 1: In this scenario, I am working with a family in the hospital setting. The patient is a 7 year-old male who is hospitalized due to complications with cystic fibrosis and also has a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Present in the family structure is the patient and both biological parents, who are college graduates and have substantial employment. From my previous observations, I am aware that the patient enjoys positive attention, such as praise, nonverbal attention, playing games, or reading books, from adults, but also frequently displays non-compliance with requests from adults. Another important observation to note is that the patient is only able to follow simple 1 and 2-step commands and cannot speak in full sentences. In the healthcare setting, there are many experiences that may lead to problematic behaviors in children, but in a situation where a child also has a developmental disability these problematic behaviors can be more intense and more difficult to tame. An antecedent is what happens immediately before a problematic behavior, such as a demand, transition, time of day, specific request being denied, and so forth. An antecedent that might lead to problematic behavior in the hospital for this particular child could be seen in the following example; the nursing staff entered the patient’s room to start an IV without assessing developmental age/abilities and gave the patient a 3-step command to keep his arm still, not wiggle his body, and listen or talk toShow MoreRelatedI Am Working As A Family Health Nurse And Counseling A Married Couple Essay1054 Words   |  5 PagesWhen caring for families who need genetic counseling, it’s essential that the nurse understands and considers the family’s values, background, beliefs and behaviors. This information is valuable when setting mutual goals, developing care plans and choosing interventions (Andrews and Boyle, 2016). In this post I will imagine that I am working as a family health nurse and counseling a married couple who are seeking my advice because they are both carriers for Huntington’s disease. As a nurse it’sRead MoreReturning to School Essay858 Words   |  4 Pageshas been a dream for a long time. I am starting out a little late, at 45 years old, but I have finally found my passion, working in education. Since the age of thirteen, I have been working multiple jobs day and night, only to still be below the poverty line; stuck in survival mode for so long now that I need to have a permanent positive change that will help me accomplish more than I ever have. The reason for me going back to school is to get certified so I may become a teacher. Our low incomeRead MoreWhy I D eserve This Scholarship712 Words   |  3 Pages I should be chosen for this scholarship because I am a positive, hard working student who is very involved in my school and my community, and has future goals. I believe that I hold all those characteristics, plus many more. School is very important to me. I show this by working hard in my classes and being involved in extracurricular activities. I have received all A’s throughout my high school years and my teachers can always depend on me. At school I am a member of Fellowship of ChristianRead MorePersonal Note On Personal Skills1395 Words   |  6 Pagespersonal skills I have and use in everyday life and work is that I can multitask, I’m dependable, hardworking, productive, resourceful, and able to adapt easily to different environments. I have always had a, â€Å"get things done as quickly and accurately as possible†, type of personality. Some of my interests are learning new things, creating things- like crafts, repurposing, painting, etc., and being outside. I like to figure things out and solve problems. My weaknesses are that I am impatient, notRead MoreEssay On Why I Want To Be An Associate893 Words   |  4 Pages I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply for an associate position! I am interested because I want to take my experience with Ascend to a higher level. After completing enjoyed my experience as a new member, I feel that Ascend’s atmosphere really resonated with my personality, and I think this is a great organization where I would want to develop my leadership skills. I can learn many things outside of the classroom, and it would help me get the most out of my college experienceRead MoreMy Journey As A Service Coordinator995 Words   |  4 Pagescoaching, referrals, and resources needed so that the family and children involved in EI are able to achieve their outcomes and successfully function once discharged out of Early Intervention. Although I am only beginning my journey as a service coordinator, I have been assigned to work with over 40 families of different incomes, races, ethnicities, and cultures. As a service coordinator I find the most intrin sic value when working for families of oppressed populations. In my own personal experienceRead MoreMy Plans And Aspirations For Completing A Graduate Education923 Words   |  4 Pagesthis personal statement I will address my plans and aspirations for completing a graduate education. I believe that an adequate college education is a necessity in today’s society. There are numerous resources and opportunities available to those who choose to seek a college education. I am committed to continuing my education to achieve my career goal of becoming a family nurse practitioner. Several members of my family are in the healthcare field, as both doctors and nurses. I have had the privilegeRead MoreWhen It Comes To My Reasoning For Entering The Teaching1009 Words   |  5 Pagesfor entering the teaching profession, I think it stems from my own experiences within American schools. I have had profound teachers who have inspired and motivated me to continue to work towards preserving the ideas and beliefs that strengthen education. On the other hand, I have had subpar teachers who have influenced me to teach for alternate reasons. They have shown me that reform and change are needed to bring our education system back to the top, and I would love nothing more than to play aRead MoreWhat Makes Me Who I Am?847 Words   |  4 Pagesthroughout the stages of life, and I am no different than any other individual in that department. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of what makes me who I am is my family. They were all I had when I was born and they’ll probably be all I have when I’m buried six feet underground. I was born into a family with two older brothers (that were ten and seven years older than me), and two loving parents. Being the youngest and having two older brothers I think has impacted me the most. HavingRead MoreMy Field Placement At The Puerto Rican Family Institute Clinic Essay1391 Words   |  6 PagesI am currently doing my field placement at the Puerto Rican Family Institute clinic in Brooklyn, NY. The mission statement for the organization is, â€Å"to enhance the functioning and self-sufficiency of diverse marginalized communities and prevent family disintegration.† I am currently doing individual, family, couples, and group psychotherapy at the outpatient clinic. The clinic is in a lower socioeconomic area in Bushwick, that is currently in the process of gentrification. The program that I work

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Safety Program Development Free Essays

string(38) " very far without management support\." Effective evaluation of the safety program. Increase employers and employees’ involvement in worksheet hazard assessment and control by 25%. Reduce accident rate by 25% Pages Appendix 01 â€Å"Safety health program responsibilities† Appendix 02 â€Å"Job Safety Analysis OSHA)† 12 Appendix 03 â€Å"Sample form for correction tracking† 15 Appendix 04 â€Å"Rout cause analysis† 18 I. We will write a custom essay sample on Safety Program Development or any similar topic only for you Order Now Chapter 01 : Management Employee involvement The overall safety in a workplace is a responsibility of both the employers and employees. The employers need to work together with their employees toward safety improvements. Management must encourage employees’ involvement in improving safety. Employees need to inform and communicate with management to what is needed to be done to improve safety. L. A. Being a visible management and taking charge Management must prove their commitment and detection toward achieving a safer environment for their workers. Management musts make themselves visible by being out there in the working area inspecting how to improve safety. Getting where you can be seen: Be visible when taking parts in any operation in order to be more aware of the working environment and the employees. This way the workers feel appreciated and aware of management good intentions for improving safety. This method can be done formally or informally depending on management participation levels. 0 Being Accessible: Employees need to have chances to communicate to management when necessary without going through complicated procedures. The employers must give the employees an easy two way communication process for reporting situations, comments or any work related issue regarding safety. Sacrificing or cutting authority to obtain accessibility between management and workers is not necessary. Adequate accessibility is as simple as having an open door policy or skipping large formal meeting. Being an example: When rules and regulation are issue management should be the first to follow it showing the workers their participation and dedication. Rules must apply to everyone in the workplace with no exception. Following rules can be as simple as wearing safety equipment, such as, safety glasses. Taking charge: Management must be clear on what is required by their workers. Rules, regulations and polices must be officially stated and written in a clear easy to understand language. In addition, rules and regulation must be enforced with no exception. Management must follow on safety processes and make sure that individuals are performing their responsibilities. Management must not neglect employee involvement regarding safety issues. Workers are the first to be exposed to potential hazards. Workers are the ones who understand what must be done to reduce hazards associate with working procedures. Management need to encourage and increase worker precipitations, making them more aware of their safety roles and expectations. Employees can help management in safety issues by: Participating in Joint labor-management committees and other advisory or specific purpose committees. Conducting site inspections. Analyzing routine hazards in each step of a Job and/or a process and preparing safe work practices or controls or eliminate or reduce exposure. Developing and revising the site safety and health rules. Providing program and presentations at safety and health meetings. Training of both current and newly haired employees. Conducting accident or incident investigations. Management can increase employees’ precipitation in safety by: Showing workers management’s detection to make the workplace safer and healthier. Adequate leadership from management that leads to employees’ commitment. Management must not refuse any worker involvement; get as many help as you can. Reward and recognize workers for their efforts and accomplishments in achieving safety or following rules. Be clear on want you need workers to do (good communication). Give workers the resources necessary to perform the Job with the adequate training. Show your seriousness in their work toward safety. II. Chapter 02: Supervision and responsibility to the safety program All personal and acknowledge and understand their responsibilities toward safety. The employer has a responsibility to his/her workers, making sure that they are not exposed to any potential hazards and work in a safe environment. In addition, employers must clearly communicate with workers about their responsibilities toward safety, making ere that no confusion occurs. II. A. Reviewing existing organization Management must understand and be well inform of each individual safety roles in the workplace. Employees’ roles in any safety and health program can be identified by using a specific worksheet (Appendix OLL- Page 04). Organizational structure and Job titles vary from one company to the next, but they include general assignments of health responsibilities. Some examples Job titles and job decryption include: President/owner/site manager: Establish policies – provide leadership resources – set objectives – assign susceptibilities – hold people accountable – interact with employees – set a good example – review accident reports – provide medical programs – establish safety training programs. Safety and health director/coordinator: Maintain safety health – familiar with safety laws – aware of all presented hazards and their preventions – evaluation of the workplace’ safety – design control preventive procedures – assist support supervisors employees regarding safety – communicate safety rules – review hazard reports – evaluate emergency drills. Plant superintendents/division managers/directors: Provide leadership – maintain accountability – follow up on employees’ suggestions analyze the facility for potential hazards – follow up on periodic hazards analysis encourage reporting hazards by employees – provide the necessary PEP (Personal Protective Equipment) – maintain safety meetings – help develop emergency procedures. Supervisors: Evaluate worker’s performances – encourage precipitation in safety and health programs follow up on preventive maintenance – investigate accidents – discourage short cuts follow safety rules – familiarize everyone with emergency procedures. Employees’ responsibilities: Understand all safety rules – responsible for your safety and the safety of other employees – offer safety and health suggestions – get involve in safety – be aware of your responsibilities in an emergency – know where the first aid kit is – report all accidents. II. B. Assigning determining responsibilities Corporate management roles in safety: Management is responsible to their employees for providing a working area free of any recognized hazards that can causes injury or death. Managements must establish specific goals and objectives that aim to reduce injuries caused by specific unsafe behaviors. Any safety and health program will not be able to go very far without management support. You read "Safety Program Development" in category "Papers" Management must hold employees accountable for their actions. This can be done by rewarding workers for following safety and taking the necessary disciplinary action when they fail to follow safety rules. Management need to obtain constant feedback for determining the effectiveness of the safety program. In addition, management must get involve in the safety program, through attention to workers, precipitation in investigations and following safety rules. The facility manager roles in safety: The facility manager must acknowledge his or her responsibilities to maintain adequate house keeping, establishing safe working procedures and making sure that employees follow them. The shape and physical condition of the facility also plays an important role in achieving safety. The facility manager must make sure that everything is in good condition, taking employees suggestions into active consideration. Workers must obtain adequate training in using PEP and machines operations. Also, the facility manger must educate the employees about the areas’ safety rules and polices, making sure that they are followed correctly. The facility manager is accountable to both upper management and his or her employees. The facility mangers must also have significant involvement in communications, obtaining feedback and performing tours around the working area (formal informal) making any necessary corrections. First line supervisor roles in safety and health: The first line supervisor has more specific goals and objectives compare to other managers. The first line supervisor has various roles regarding safety, since he or she is in first contact with the employees. He or she need to set the necessary standard or achieving safety through good housekeeping and desired safety conditions. The first line supervisor must determine the employees understanding and practice of safety rules and regulation in the work area. Effective safety training of employees and continuous observation from the first line supervisor is essential. Employees’ level of safety awareness can be increased by: Setting specific working standards and following them through. Employees’ precipitation in safety meeting with their superiors. Following up on safety inspection and making all the necessary corrections. Management recognizes employees’ outstanding achievements toward safety. Supervisors must sincerely listen to employees’ complaints and suggestions. The employer must provide an adequate Hazard (Hazard Communication Standers) to his or her employees. Information on all the chemicals in the workplace must be easily accessible to workers in case of an emergency. In addition, proper training for chemical handling, storage and transportation is necessary as part of an ongoing process. Ill. A. Chemical overview, communication standards hazards Chemical overview: Chemicals can be either in a solid, liquid or gaseous state. Chemicals can be found in drums, tanks, pressure vessels and process systems. Responses to spills or exposure depend on the chemical properties. Material Safety Data Sheets (MASS) and labels on the chemical containers are essential for determining how workers must respond. Hazard communication standards: Chemical handling requires adequate training before any initiations are taken. The training and education must include the following: Knowledge about Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Knowledge on all chemicals in the workplace and hazards associate with them. Informing workers of the facility written plan to deal with chemical hazards. How to use MASS and labels. How can workers protect themselves and others. Hazards: Physical Hazards: Physical hazards includes, a sudden violent reaction involving flammable, explosive or reactive materials. Proper handling is the key to deal with physical hazards. Information from MASS can be obtained about storing, mixing or moving chemicals. Physical hazards can be identified as: Oxidized Water reactive Organic peroxide Combustible Health Hazards: Chemicals can cause adverse health effects if workers became over exposed. There are two types of health effects: Acute health effects: occurs over short periods of time due to immediate exposure, they can be minor or serious. Some examples include burning or irritation. Chronic health effects: occurs over long periods of time due to prolong exposure in small amounts. Some examples include cancer, liver disease or lead poisoning. Ill. B. Exposure limits, controlling exposure Safety on the Job Exposure limits: Exposure limits are governmental standards indicating when overexposure occurs. PEEL – Permissible Exposure Limit: Must not be exceeded, over an our average rookery. TTL – Threshold Limit Value: Must not be exceeded, over an our average workday. STEEL – Short-Term Exposure Limit: can be safety exposed to over 1 5-minute period. IDLE – Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health: very hazardous, must not be exposed to. Controlling exposures: There are several methods used to control exposures to chemicals. Engineering controls can be use to keep exposures below PEEL and TTL levels. Also, maintaining adequate ventilation system can reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals. When exposure can not be avoided, using proper PEP depending on the chemical is essential. PEP are used to prevent exposure through skin absorption, inhalation, ingestion and injection. Chemical safety on the Job: Identify all chemical hazards in the workplace. Know how to deal with chemical in both regular and emergency operations. Treat unknown chemical as hazardous ones. Make sure to use the appropriate PEP by looking at MASS. Inspect your PEP before and after use. Know the workplace emergency procedures. Know location of emergency showers, first aid kits, fire extinguishers and eyewash. Always secure the exposed area and ask for help. Maintain good hygiene to prevent outside exposures. IV. Chapter 04: Lockout / Dugout There are energies in the workplace that might be accidentally released and cause serious injuries or death. The employers, with the proper training of workers, must prevent the accidental release of these hazardous energies. This can be achieved through using lockout/dugouts. ‘V. A. What is lockout/dugout when they must be perform What is lockout/dugout? Lockouts: The employer places a lock on any energy isolating device, making sure it cannot be removed from the closed position. Such devices include circuit breaker or valve handle. Dugout: The employer attaches a written note (warring tag) on the equipment or device that How to cite Safety Program Development, Papers

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Virtual and Augmented Assistive Technology

Question: Discuss about the Virtual and Augmented Assistive Technology. Answer: Introduction: The local gift shop is currently selling gifts for everyone incorporating children, men and ladies in store. Moreover, it also takes special orders for particular gift items those are not available in store. However, they have noticed that their business is gradually slowing down as most of their customers prefer to order their gifts from the famous online gift shops such as Myer Gifts Online and Gifts Australia. Thus, in this regard, the management team of local gift shop has taken a decision that they have to broaden their customers fr surviving as well as it needs a better online presence. They also have to find a distinguishing point, which would permit them for growing successfully in a niche market as they have realized that they cant directly compete with the large online gift sellers on range of stock or price. The major vision of the local gift shop is to design the new online presence for the store in terms of providing their customers with the capability of browsing for gifts or commenting on them, ordering online any currently available item for either Click and collect or postal delivery and enquiring about the non-availability of the gifts. The local gift shop can face few significant outcomes as a result of the implementation of such initiatives of deploying the online presence of the gift shop. These are as follows: It would be able to create a huge customer base for the local gift shop and gain customer satisfaction by providing efficient and prompt services to the customers It would also be capable of enhancing the reputation of the shop and its competitive advantage The online presence of this shop would enhance productive and ultimately generate huge revenue for the local shop. According to the scope of this project, this design of the online presence of this local gift shop can provide the design of the application screen and the layout function for the gift store. The online presence of the local gift shop can be seamless over the devices so that it can have similar functions and user experiences. Moreover, as per the scope of the project, the online presence of the shop is comprised of an accounting system for payments done by the customers and a prompt and an effective delivery system structure for the order gifts. Key Assumptions The major assumptions for the online application of the gift shop are as follows: The customers can open up the online application for this gift shop through their mobile phones and computer devices Customers would also be able to get the updates regarding the new arrivals and the offers through application notifications and emails The local gift shop management team can make updates regarding any sales information The technology used to design the online presence of the shop are independent of the Operating system and device platform so that customers would face any difficulties in accessing the online application References Page, T. (2014). Skeuomorphism or flat design: future directions in mobile device User Interface (UI) design education.International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation,8(2), 130-142. Johnson, J. (2013).Designing with the mind in mind: simple guide to understanding user interface design guidelines. Elsevier. Yamamoto, G., Hyry, J., Krichenbauer, M., Taketomi, T., Sandor, C., Kato, H., Pulli, P. (2015, March). A user interface design for the elderly using a projection tabletop system. InVirtual and Augmented Assistive Technology (VAAT), 2015 3rd IEEE VR International Workshop on(pp. 29-32). IEEE. Hong, J. C., Tai, K. H., Hwang, M. Y., Kuo, Y. C., Chen, J. S. (2017). Internet cognitive failure relevant to users' satisfaction with content and interface design to reflect continuance intention to use a government e-learning system.Computers in Human Behavior,66, 353-362.

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The Gentle Barbarian, Turgenev Essay Example

The Gentle Barbarian, Turgenev Essay Example The Gentle Barbarian, Turgenev Essay The Gentle Barbarian, Turgenev Essay In 1870s Turgenev was known in Europe as the conducting Russian novelist, but he was far to not be known to the large public in Europe or America. In 1877 he has become world famous after the publication of Virgin Soil, his longest and most ambitious novel. In one month after the publication, fifty-two young people were arrested in Russia on accusations of revolutionary conspiracy. This incident the public in America and France was shaken. Its effect on American readers was so enormous: as powerful, in its way, as the effect of Uncle Toms Cabin had been. For Turgenev the novel was one more attempt to present the Russian situation with detachment, and above all he sought to show to his critics that he had not lost touch with the younger generation.; (V. S. Pritchett). Some years ago the British writer and critic V.S. Pritchett asked: What is it that attracts us to the Russian novelists of the nineteenth century? What Pritchett was voicing was the obvious truth that the Russian writer s touch and move us with immediacy, a sense of freshness and vitality that we do not always find in Western literature in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Turgenev creates moving novels that depict life in Russia. We respond to Russian writers, as we typically do not to most Anglo-Saxon writers. Turgenev evokes such a strong a sense of reality that readers with no particular passion for literature accept without qualification his vision of life. Some tentative answers to Pritchetts question may provide us with some understanding of why so much of the pessimistic literature of this century has failed to engage our deepest sympathies, our most profound sense of life. One of the most obvious characteristics of Russian fiction in the nineteenth century is the astonishing way in which characters talk about themselves and others. In his book on Turgenev, The Gentle Barbarian, Pritchett writes: It is the nature of Dostoevskys genius to

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Policy message to the public Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Policy message to the public - Assignment Example There are practices which have been proven to reduce the chances of home robberies by a significant factor. The research findings by the Department of Justice in US, indicate that in every 15 seconds, American homes are victims of burglary. Below are some of the ways through which home robbery can be reduced:- One of the fundamental practices of home burglary prevention is by ensuring that you lock all the outside doors when leaving home. When some of the doors are left open, it may lead to unplanned robbery. While most of the robberies are planned, sometimes leaving doors open may trigger a robbery that would not otherwise have occurred. By locking your home, also makes it difficult for the burglars to break into. As emphasized by FEEMEY & WEIR (1975) in their journal, it is important to install a properly working alarm in one’s house. The alarms not only act to scare the burglars off, but also to seek help from neighbors and any policemen on patrol. When a person raises alarm, the chances of the burglary succeeding are paralyzed. Another robbery prevention practice is by leaving lights on when going out. Reports indicate that home robberies occur mostly when the house is not lit. It is therefore, advisable to always leave the security lighting on, when always. The lights lower robbery chances, by not creating a conducive environment for burglary to execute their activities. Security cameras are another important precautionary measure in the prevention of home burglary. Security cameras can be used for living inspection of the areas around and within the house, and hence making it possible to see any person outside the house, before opening doors for them. They are also important in tracking down the burglars after the crime. The footages of the robbers can be presented to the police officers for the search and arrest of the criminals. Do not open doors to persons you do not