Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Marketing plan to promote the music album & EP Essay

Marketing plan to promote the music album & EP - Essay Example Tiago Cerqueira: Tiago is the rock star of the classic, ballad and R&B. His ideas are wild, borderline insane, but it always hits the spot. He doesn’t follow rules and certainly doesn’t teach them. The digital generation, although extremely open on different ideas, is also extremely selfish. They may give you five seconds of their time but the only way they will give you the sixth second and the succeeding one is when it becomes about them. Launch the Participation Project. â€Å"The Most Amazing Video† project will be launch. I am not sure what his first single is going to be. I just assumed it’s the song he sang in the video. The idea is to ask people to submit a photo, a message, or a video of the people they think are amazing in their life and explain why. They can do it by emailing, tagging the artist on facebook or Twitter. Those photos, videos and messages will be used for the first official music video of Mike L.’s first single. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone has ever done a video like this so I can’t provide a peg but that means the idea is original. For Tiago, the concept of the video should follow his first single. For example, if his first single is about failures, then he can create a video featuring the most painful moments of people. It doesn’t have to call for submissions. He can harvest data from the web. For example, harvest tweets of different people talking about failures, or photos featuring failures (again, that is if his first single is about failure. The theme will adjust accordingly). Forums like radiomute.com, musicbanter.com, keepmusicalive†¦ just make sure that you establish your identity early before posting links to the album or the mods will delete and ban your IP. You might need to pay someone to do this but forums are major traffic drivers. There are online marketers who have accounts to different forums, you can pay them to mention you on these sites and drive interest towards the

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