Thursday, September 26, 2019

Kitchen Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Kitchen Design - Essay Example These being the changing Role of Women, Domestic Science, Industrialization, Food Safety and Health Determinants (Moody and Vineyard, 476). From these probably the two most important factors were the changing role of women in society and industrialization. Industrialization bought kitchen appliances in homes with microwaves ovens becoming the most popular appliance that later even replaced the traditional stoves in certain homes.The changing role of women is another factor worth discussing. With health issues being raised after the advent of the industrial revolution and people realizing the importance of kitchen for food safety, servants were being replaced by women in the kitchen. The abolition of slavery further limited domestic help in the kitchen. However, industrial appliances became the new servants for these women. While women accepted the kitchen, they were also exploring the corporate world and thus they began a dual life where they began managing both the kitchens and thei r jobs.Evolution of Kitchen DesignIn the early times, kitchens were very different from what we have today. The advent of the industrial revolution greatly changed the landscape of the traditional kitchens as modern kitchens were fitted with the industrial appliances and also had water fittings. At the turn of the twentieth century, kitchens came fitted with iron stoves, sewers and gas pipes. But industrialization in the twentieth century brought bigger changes in the original design of the kitchens.

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