Wednesday, October 16, 2019

MIS Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

MIS Project - Essay Example To achieve this mission, Lib Cafe will commit to several philosophies, i.e. the clients will be the employer, the product is the most important thing, and to keep the store’s employees happy to provide the best service. In addition, the store will avoid greed and opportunism. Objectives Lib Cafe has several objectives that they seek to achieve. These are: 1. Turn ordinary physical shelves available in our homes into a virtual/online/digital shelf that can be accessed from anywhere. 2. Provide fast and economic way of delivering products and services to customers for entertainment and educational purposes at reduced/competitive prices using latest/advanced technologies available, today. Market Analysis The Middle Eastern market is an expanding market, yet, as a niche market, it is underserved. It is expected that the market will grow from 100 million potential in 2012 to approximately 15 million in 2020. Ardent book readers also spend approximately $100 billion dollars every ye ar with at least 30% of this now being spent online (Carey 22). One reason why the Middle Eastern consumer is overlooked is that the majority of information sources relied on by marketers does not adequately represent the population (Carey 22). However, as a marketer, this group needs to be recognized as a good opportunity and connecting to them in their early years, especially, could reap dividends in the future. Competitive Analysis Lib Cafe faces competition from various competitors such as traditional brick and mortar bookstores, textbook exchange sites, online retailers, online auction sites, comparison sites for book prices, and content specific sites for textbooks. These include Barnes & Noble,,,,,,,,,, among others (Mercer 32). Strategy Lib Cafe’s potential market is around 100 million clients who are live in the Middle East and North Africa. For the se cond phase of this project, the plan is to focus the marketing efforts on a subset market that has its location in the Middle East (Mercer 44). The plan is also to expand to other markets using a phased approach, which will focus on a new region every year with North Africa and Eastern Europe as the next target. Sales Direct download – for purchased items (does not qualify for resale). Online Access to Company’s Cloud – for purchased (qualify for resale), rented or subscribed items. Shipped – physical product available for shipping (optional at higher costs). Products and Services Lib Cafe seeks to offer a unique content, service, and product blend to its clients, which other companies do not offer online. Lib Cafe also seeks to aggregate content, services, products, and participants to come up with a client-to-client retail website and market place. This will target 100 million potential users. Financials According to the requirements and opportunities t hat Lib Cafe has come up with, in their business plan, the financial projections are as follows: Ensure that the company exceeds an increase of 1.5 times in profits and revenue by year three. Make a report on its profits in month 9 of operations Ensure that there are exceptional revenues and sales by the end of year two. Lib Cafe needs a seed investment and later

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