Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Transnational Segmentation - the Way Forward Essay

Transnational Segmentation - the Way Forward - Essay Example There can be shifts within the industry which alter the marketing strategies. These, in turn, would alter the segmentation process, the targeting of the market and the product positioning. There are various strategies being used by firms wanting to expand overseas. A global strategy treats the world as a single market whereas localized approach takes into account the local opportunities in forming the strategy. Base on the various literature available, it would be determined that transnational segmentation is not the way forward for firms wanting to expand overseas. A standardized approach can be adopted but each market segment would need a standardized strategy and cater to different market segments there can be several global strategies. Besides, the same standardized approach cannot be applicable for all types of goods and in all types of markets. The optimal marketing strategy would be to take into account targeting and positioning across international boundaries. To derive benefits, firms have been showing interest in global marketing which implies an integrated and global marketing approach (Guerini, 2006). To survive in the face of price wars, competition, and high-quality product/services, they are looking for something radical that could transform the way business could be done. Marketers have been debating whether to pursue a global versus a localized approach to international marketing. Traditional orientations of marketing are being replaced by transnational market similarities. This paper builds on the view that firms are trying to segment the countries according to similar characteristics but marketers realize that to be successful in international market local adaptation is necessary.

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